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What is Business Loan ?

Volatile market trends and increasing business needs cause demand for urgent immediate cash-in-hand. A Business Loan designed for this purpose gives you the advantage to avail unsecured credit at competitive interest rates.

Whether you plan to invest in infrastructure investment or upgrade plant and machinery, a Business Loan caters to all your commercial needs.


Business Loan Features and Benefits


Affordable High-Value Capital

Well-known banks and NBFCs offer easy and quick short-term, medium-term, and long-term business loans as an ideal finance solution for your enterprise.


Flexi Loans

Withdraw only what you need and repay to suit your business fund flows at nil or low prepayment charges. You only pay interest on EMIs for the initial period of the loan and interest is charged only on the amount withdrawn.


Hassle-Free Quick Unsecured Loans

Business Loans are unsecured loans approved in 24 hours, which come to you with easy eligibility, and just a few documents.


Multi-Purpose End-Usage

Whether you’re looking for investment in infrastructure, expansion in operations, purchase of equipment or inventory, or working capital needs, you have the advantage to seek a multi-purpose business loan, all in one place.



Business Loans are collateral-free, for which your personal or business assets are not put to risk, and since this means no appraisals of assets for valuation, you have the quick approval and disbursal advantage.


Online Account Access

You’re simply free with the convenience of access to your business loan account for your loan statements and other details so that you can manage your loan from anywhere at any time.

Business Loans Types

Different Types of Business Loans for Your Varied Needs

  • capital

    Working Capital Loan

    Working Capital Loans are finance designed to maintain healthy cash flows with unsecured finance to strengthen and grow your business without disruptions.

  • capital

    Plant and Machinery Loan

    You can install and upgrade your business plant and machinery to the latest standards to meet your growing business needs with plant and machinery or equipment loans.

  • capital

    SME and MSME Loan

    Small and Medium Enterprises are now in a position to expand operations, and scale business heights easily with SME and MSME Loans.

  • capital

    Business Loan for Women

    Especially designed for the women entrepreneurs, Business Loans for Women offer high-value finance to support growing business needs of women.

  • capital

    Self Employed Professional Loan

    Professionals such as Doctors, Chartered Accountants, and Architects are people who have little time at hand to attend to their professional finance needs. Hence, Self Employed Professional Loans are loans designed suit such a Professional’s financial requirements.

  • capital

    Micro Business Loan

    Small business loans are a way to finance small requirements, and as such are designed to be repaid in shorter loans periods to suit your needs.

Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

Primarily an unsecured loan, a Business Loan empowers you to avail funds without collateral for infusion into your enterprise for purposes that you deem fit.

However, to avail such a facility, you need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria laid down by our Partner Banks and NBFCs.

  •  Age

    • Minimum 18 years
    • Maximum 65 years a time of Loan Maturity

  • Nationality

    • Resident Citizen of India with no Criminal Record

  • Business

    • Minimum 3 years Own Business Vintage
    • Minimum Annual Turnover and Profit at Lender’s Discretion
    • Registered Chartered Accountant Audited Balance Sheet Compulsory
    • No Previous Default with any Financial Institution

  • Credit Score

    • Credit Score of 700 & More

How to Operate

Business Loan Eligibility Calculator


You are eligible for loan amounts up to


Apply Nowcelebration

Business Loan Eligible Entities

The following entities may avail of Business Loans at RA Capitals

  • Resident Individuals
  • Self-employed Professionals
  • Enterprises
    • SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises
    • MSMEs or
    • Artisans
    • Traders
    • Manufacturers
    • Shopkeepers
    • Small Vendors
    • Retailers
  • Companies
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Sole Proprietors

Business Loan Rate of Interest

nterest Rate is a percentage of the Principal Business Loan amount payable to the lender as charges for borrowing. This Rate of Interest typically applies on the principal amount on an annual basis, which may be known as the Annual Percentage Rate or APR.

Bank NameInterest RateProcessing Fee
HDFC Bank Ltd15%1.00%
IDFC First Bank15%1.50%
ICICI Bank15%1.50%
Axis Bank Ltd15%1.50%
Bajaj Finance Ltd17%2.00%
SMC Finance19%2.00%
Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited21%2.00%
Aditya Birla Finance Ltd18%2.00%
Hero Fincorp18%3.00%
Loan Frame18%2.00%
IndusInd Bank18%2.00%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd15%2.00%
Standard Chartered Bank16%2.00%
Yes Bank16%2.00%
Axis Finance18%2.00%



Business Loan Interest Rate Types

Banks and NBFCs offer two types of interest rates, namely fixed and floating. The EMI amount changes according to the type of interest rate a borrower chooses.

  • Fixed-Rate of Interest

    When you opt for a Fixed Rate of Interest, the interest rate on your Business Loan remains constant throughout your loan period, and this allows you the freedom to plan your finances.

  • Floating Rate of Interest

    Floating Rate of Interest changes according to the RBI lending benchmark, namely Repo Rate. This means, that although your EMI remain constant, your loan tenure may extend due to rate adjustments.

ROI Calculation

How to Calculate Interest on Business Loans

You may calculate Annual Interest on your Business Loans by using the following formula for calculating Simple Interest

SI = P x R x T / 100


  • P = Principal Amount, or Loan Amount
  • R = Rate of Interest or ROI
  • T = Time Period of the Loan
  • SI = Simple Interest

To calculate Monthly Interest on your Business Loan when the loan period indicates months, use the following formula

SI = P x R x T / 100

To calculate the Amount Payable with Interest Rate at the end of tenure the end of the maturity period, use the formula mentioned below

Total Amount Value = P x [1 + (R x T)]


Documents Required for a Business Loan

o prove your eligibility for a Business Loan, you will have to furnish documents with regards to each eligibility criteria.

To initiate the loans process, the following Documents you will require at hand to avail a Business Loan at the earliest.

List of Documents Required for Business Loan

Photo Identity Proof

  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License

Age Proof

  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Pension Payment Order or Receipt
  • LIC Policy

Address Proof

  • Rent Agreement
  • Bank Statement
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Water Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Credit Card Bill

Income Proof

  • 3 Months Salary Statement
  • 6 Months Bank Statements

Income Tax

  • Form 16

Employment Proof

  • Employers Letter
  • Identification Card
Additional Documents

Business Loans for Self-Employed, Non-Salaried, MSMEs, and SMEs

Self-Employed, Non-Salaried and SMEs seeking funds as Business Loan will have to furnish additional documents listed below to start the loans process.

  • Proof of Business
    • PAN
    • GST Registration Certificate
    • Trade License Partnership Deed
    • Article of Association
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Import Export Code
    • Registration Certificate
    • Professional Practice License for Doctors, Consultants, etc
    • Registration Certificate of Establishment for Shops, Factories, and Other Establishments
    • Business Address Proof
  • Income Proof – Financial Statement Audited by CA
    • Profit and Loss Account Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • 6 Months Bank Statements
    • 3 years Income Tax Returns
  • Income Tax
    • 3 years Income Tax Returns or Assessment Orders

Business Loan Balance Transfer

The Business Loan Balance Transfer is a process of transferring the outstanding balance of your business loan at your old rate of interest from your existing bank to a new bank of your choice offering you a lower rate of interest.

Business Loan Balance Transfer can be undertaken to reduce your EMIs by moving over to a lender who offers you a lower rate of interest or you can also choose to authorize such a transfer if you are dissatisfied with the services of your current lender.


Business Loan Balance Transfer Features

  • Better Rate of Interest

  • Easy Terms and Conditions

  • Extended Loan Tenure

  • Benefits

    Business Loan Balance Transfer Benefits

    • Lower Rates of Interest

      A balance transfer allows you to transfer your debt to a bank charging you a lower rate of interest than your current lender. Resultantly, you enjoy better rates and reduced EMIs.

    • Save More

      A balance transfer facility, which offers you a lower rate of interest, eventually materializes into decreased EMI payments. Thus you save a huge amount by paying lower value EMIs

    • Better Service

      Lenders offer you better services in terms of processing fees, waivers, last EMIs, etc. You might even find well-known lenders offering you better services, and customize your transfer facility accordingly.

    • Balance Transfer

      Top Up Loan on Business Loan

      Times arise when extra funds for multi-purpose uses are required when you have taken a business loan. Business loans give you access to funds for business purposes such as working capital, technological advancement, operations scale-up, etc. A top-up business loan on the other hand gives you the opportunity to avail extra funds over and above your existing business loan. A top up loan allows you to unburden your business by availing funds directly from your lender instead of making multiple loan applications for funds.

      As an alternative to multiple debt requests, you simply have to request for a top up loan from your lender. Offers from NBFCs and Banks allow you the benefits of low interest rates, longer loan tenures, and quick processing for approval and disbursal of funds. This proves to be a one-stop solution for quick funds in emergencies. Take your pick of top up business loan options offered by Ruloans in association with well-known partner banks and NBFCs, and chat, email, or call 1800 2667576 to apply for a Business Loan Top Up.

    • Eligibility Criteria for a Business Loan Top Up

      • You will be offered a top up business loan by your lender only when you have an existing outstanding business loan.
      • Availing a top up business loan requires that you complete a stipulated period of paying a prescribed amount of your business loan.
      • You are required to possess a good track record of repayments without overdue EMIs, and without missing EMI payments.
      • The vintage or your business or your business should have been running for a stipulated period with a stable outlook.
      • For eligibility to a top up business loan, a good credit score reflects a degree of the capacity to repay loans, and thus you will have to show a good credit score.

Documents Required for Business Loan

At Ruloans, Banks and NBFCs offer business loan top ups with less or no documentation only if you have an existing business loan depending on the requirements the lender prescribes. Here’s a list of common documents required for a top up on your business loan.

List of Documents Required for Business Loan

Identity Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License

Residence or Address Proof

  • Rent Agreement
  • Utility Bills
  • Passport, etc.

Business Proof

  • Registration Certificate
  • GST Details, etc.

Income Proof

  • Bank Statements, etc.

Duly filled Application

Passport Size Photographs